Desktop Laser-Soldering Robot

     This robot is non-contact soldering that heats up the target with a high energy light emitted from an oscillated laser diode and is focused with a lens.  Wavelength can be either 808nm or 980nm, varying between models.
Type MLU-808FS MLU-980FS
Material Semiconductor Laser
Oscillation CW (Continuous Wave)
LD Type Fiber Coupling
LD Output 50W
Wavelength 808 nm 980 nm
Guide Beam Included
Halation Prevention Included
LD Cooling System Electric Cooling
Coaxial Observation Function Included
Fiber Core Diameter φ200μm φ400μm
Fiber Length 3m
Focused Beam Diameter φ50μm~8000μm
Focal Length 10mm ~ 200 mm (actual focal length may vary based upon beam diameter.)
Focused Beam Shape Circular, rectangular, or free shape option via SLIT laser
Temperature Control Available
Parameter Control Mode Time Setting Resolution 0.1 sec 0.01 sec
Time Setting 1 STEP = 0.1 sec. (Max: 0.1sec. ×100STEP = 10sec.)
  Current (A) Control Setting Resolution 0.1A
Registered Waveform Capacity 16
Interface Input Terminal x 1; Sig. OUT (BNC) x 1; CURR. MINI (BNC) x 1; RS232 x 1; Analog Input (0~5V) x 1
Dimensions WxDxH Laser Head 160.5 x 114 x 366 mm (Max size)
Laser Oscillation Unit 270 x 260 x 230 mm
Laser Controller 430 x 350 x 149 mm
Weight Laser Head Approx 1 kg
Laser Oscillation Unit Approx 6.5 kg
Laser Controller Approx 16 kg
Power Single Phase AC100V AC220V ± 10% 50/60 Hz


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